CLO Knowledge Club

CLO (Chief Learning Officer) Knowledge Club

Chief Learning Officer is suited position for someone who has an eye for collaboration and embodies learning inn all its formats. The primary role of CLOs is to establish a strategy to drive corporate learning path, goals, and policies. CLOs create strategies for each employee in relation to their learning and development, training and certifications which aims to develop the organization’s business goal by raising the talent capabilities of each individual.

The role of a CLO is to help employees across the organization define their own sense of purpose. When an employee discovers their personal purpose and it is lockstep with the role they perform in the organization, both the employee and the firm benefit.

There are three types of purpose:

  1. Personal purpose: What motivates someone in life; their “why”. An individual’s values, experience and beliefs inform personal decisions and actions.
  2. Organizational purpose: Why does the organization exist? An organization’s principles, ethics and culture inform its ways of operating.
  3. Role purpose: Why does a role exist in the organization? To achieve its goals and objectives, an organization establishes a variety of roles to support its mission.


Who are CLO Knowledge Club Members?

CLO Knowledge Club selects top CLOs and Senior Learning Managers from Bahrain and across the region to join this exclusive club.


Why should you be a member?

  • Be the first to know about the latest development in training & learning
  • Collaborate with other CLOs in Open Discussions
  • Complete access to training institute list in Bahrain
  • Invitation to specialized workshops
  • Advanced training made specially for CLOs


Some of our current CXO Knowledge Club members are from this organization.