CIO Knowledge Club


CIO (Chief Information Officer) Knowledge Club


Traditionally, the CIO role included responsibility for identifying the right IT Solutions and ensuring that the company’s IT infrastructure is aligned with business objectives. And that’s still the case for the modern CIO. But as technology and data play an increasingly prominent role in the operations of virtually every type of business, CIOs are taking on even more responsibilities, well beyond provision of IT services and infrastructure maintenance.

Digital Transformation and the constant changes in technology, as well as their application to the world of business, has impliedĀ  great opportunity for companies. This fact has led the role of the CIO and the information technology department to start playing a major part within the organization.



CIO Knowledge Club’s mission is to gather CIOs & ICT Leaders to provide them an easy and open platform to discus and address issues and best practices in the fast-paced era of Information and Technology.

Who are CIO Knowledge Club Members?

CIO Knowledge Club selects top CIOs and Senior IT Managers from Bahrain and across the region to join this exclusive club.


  1. Open discussions in technology and its advancements
  2. Complete access to technology conferences
  3. Invitation to workshops
  4. Advanced training made specially for CIOs


Some of our current CXO Knowledge Club members are from this organization